Desk pad

AXOStar 500

Desk pad AXOStar 500

Large surface area at a low price

AXOStar 500 - This PVC desk pad manufactured from transparent crystal structure film and with ergonomic edge welding is an excellent advertising medium which offers exceptional value for money. The large information surface can be printed with a calendar and individual customer designs across its entire surface.

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AXOTop 500

Desk pad AXOTop 500

The all-rounder and bestseller

AXOTop 500 - This tough desk pad with a PVC surface is used in all office environments. This universal advertising medium is available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. The large information surface can be printed across the full surface of the pad with the customer's individual designs.

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AXOPharm 500

Desk pad AXOPharm 500

Double-sided advertising medium

AXOPharm 500 - This double-sided desk pad is an advertising medium with even more added value, which has been specifically designed for the pharmaceutical industry. The front side is designed for advertising the product and the reverse side for necessary information such as details on contents, product use and possible side-effects.

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AXOSoft 500

Desk pad AXOSoft 500

Your advertising message will truly shine!

AXOSoft 500 Desk pad with a flexible and transparent surface, printed on the rear side using the UV offset process. It is durable, robust and free from PVC. We employ a high-quality PP material, which is also used in the food industry. An interesting, economically priced product for the environmentally minded.

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AXONature 500

Desk pad AXONature 500

Timeless, elegant and natural

AXONature 500 - This high-quality, environmentally-friendly desk pad is manufactured from recycled natural leather. It has an impressively elegant appearance and has a pleasant touch which is kind to the skin. The overall sophistication of this design is enhanced even further by a subtle screen-printed or embossed advertising message.

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