AXOStar 850

Coaster AXOStar 850

Easy to clean coaster

This lightweight, ergonomic flat PVC Coaster is a good mailing amplifier. Its also very thin, easy to care and 100 % recyclable an ideal advertising medium for food, dring, wellnes industry, catering and hotel.

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AXOTop 850

Coaster AXOTop 850

Variable and sturdy

This robust Coaster with a durable PVC surface is available in differently thick base materials. Also available as 1 mm super flat mailing product.

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AXOClear 850

Coaster AXOClear 850

Transparent and flexible

This Coaster captivates with its pleasantly fresh and at the same time restrained optical characteristics. Translucent colors are printed on high-quality crystal foil in UV-Offset method which contribute to an attractive interplay of light and color.

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AXOSoft 850

Coaster AXOSoft 850

High quality without PVC

High quality coaster with PP surface, food quality, free of PVC, for long-term skin contact. This Coaster is ideal for advertising, it can be printed individually also in photo quality. A real mailing amplifier.

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AXOHot 850

Coaster AXOHot 850

Inherently stable up to 100 C

We developed this Coaster explicitly to feature the qualities of a heat-proof coaster. Ideal for the use of hot mugs and cups.

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AXONature 850

Coaster AXONature 850

Timeless, elegant and natural

This Coaster features genuine appearance and pleasantly skin-friendly leather haptics. The precious overall impression is strengthened by restrained advertisement using screen printing or embossing procedures.

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